Konica Minolta and Universal Display Corporation Strengthen Collaboration in OLED Development

Next Phase to Focus on Konica Minolta's Commercialization of All-Phosphorescent OLED Backlights and Other Lighting Products

Konica Minolta And UDC announced the strengthening of their collaboration to incorporate Universal Display's proprietary PHOLED(TM) phosphorescent OLED technology into Konica Minolta's white OLED devices. On June 30, 2006, Konica Minolta announced that it had successfully developed a white OLED with a power efficiency of 64 lumens per watt, which is four times the efficiency of standard incandescent bulbs. For this development, Universal Display's red and green PHOLED technology and materials have been used in conjunction with Konica Minolta's proprietary OLED technologies, such as its own blue phosphorescent materials and multi-layer design technologies.

Konica Minolta is currently accelerating its efforts to enable commercial manufacturing of white OLED devices for backlights in displays and for other lighting applications. These OLED devices are anticipated to use all phosphorescent materials.

Posted: Oct 16,2006 by Ron Mertens