New 16x1 PLED Display from OSD

OSD announces the release of its latest character PLED module, the OSD1601-D. This new 1 line by 16 character PLED module has an overall mechanical dimension of 122mm x 33mm x 8.9mm. Its high contrast characters are 4.51mm x 8.6mm contributing to a display active area of 84.31mm x 8.6mm. 


When compared to negative mode LCD modules the OSD1601-D offers significant power savings. Typical current consumption with 25% pixel utilization, a full screen of characters, at 40 nits is

The PLED module offers a wide operating temperature range. Since the PLED material is a solid state light emitter it s response time is unaffected by changes in ambient temperature. Response time (40us rise and fall) and contrast (>100:1), unlike LCD, are the same at -20C as they are at +70C. Storage temperature ranges from -30C to +80C.

The interface is fully HD44780 compatible, allowing the OSD1601-D to be easily integrated into existing LCD designs. Please contact OSD for price.

Posted: Nov 14,2006 by Ron Mertens