My friend Kevin Kuepper works at Aixtron, and he is a hobbyist race-car driver at KuepperRacing, a family-owned BMW racing team that's been competing since 1988. Kevin is also an OLED-Info fan, and he placed an OLED-Info sticker on his BMW, which is really cool:

Kuepperracing driving photo

Kevin's recent race (where the photos were taken) was a Nurburgring. This race is made up of two racetracks, the Nordschleife (opened in 1927) and the Grand Prix Circuit inaugurated in 1984. Those two circuits (which can be driven in combination) are about 26 km all together - this is the longest permanent racetrack in the world.

Kuepperracing BMW with OLED-Info sticker photo

Beside the Nurburing, Kuepperracing also drives at the 24h Dubai, 24h Barcelona and the 12h Zandvoort (in 2014). So if you attend any of those races, you'll get a chance to see OLED-Info logo there, proudly below the Aixtron logo on Kevin's BMW.

Kuepperracing driving closer photo

So here's a big thank-you to Kevin! Good luck, and I hope you'll stay safe and win those races!

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