A/V players

This page lists A/V players (also called MP3 players or PMPs) that use OLED technology as displays.

Sony NWZ X1000 OLED Walkman

The Sony Walkman NWZ-X2000 includes a touchscreen OLED, together with some hardware controls. It has noise canceling - and Sony claims it's the best sounding walkman ever. It includes Wi-Fi and support for many music and video formats.

The OLED X walkman costs 350$ for the 32GB version, and 265$ for the 16GB version.

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Cowon D3 Plenue

Cowon's D3 is an Android (v2.1) running PMP with a 3.7" AMOLED display, Full-HD (1080p) support, Wi-Fi, HDMI out, Bluetooth and a T-DMB TV tuner. It's got 8/16/32GB of onboard storage and a microSD slot. It's got some applications (such as twitter and social networking) but apparently it can't run 3rd party Android apps.

The 32GB version is now shipping, and it costs $369.

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Sony NW-A850

The Walkman NW-A850 series is an update to the NW-A840 series. The players have a 2.8" 240x400 OLED display (seems to be the same one as in the A840). The NW-A855 has 16GB, the A856 has 32GB and the A857 has 64GB.

They will be released in November 2010 in Japan. The A855 (16GB) will cost $280.

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Cowon J3

The Cowon J3 PMP has a large touch AMOLED with an accelerometer, has 4/8/16GB internal memory, and also features Bluetooth, improved audio using JetEffects 3.0 technology and TV output.

Cowon J3Cowon J3

The J3 is now shipping: The 16GB version costs $239.99 while the 8GB one goes for $199.

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Cydle P29H

The P29H is a PMP with 4/8GB memory, a microSD slot, embedded HD Radio and an accelerometer.

Cydle P29HCydle P29H

The P29H is set to be released sometimes in Q2 2010, we do not have pricing information yet.

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Samsung IceTouch

The IceTouch is the world's first product with a Transparent OLED display. This media player includes 8/16GB of memory, has a strong CPU and Samsung's TouchWiz Sweep interface. It has 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology and it continually analyzes and adjusts audio levels to reflect the producer's intended sound. Here's a nice video of the player.

Samsung IceTouchSamsung IceTouch

The AMOLED screen casing is constructed using a dual-injection molding process and tempered glass and results in a smooth, durable and scratch-proof surface. The player is white, but can be customized using separately sold color skins.

It'll be available in the first half of 2010, and will cost around $330.

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Viliv P3

The P3 is a media player with a large touch OLED. It has a dual-boot system with Windows CE (6.0) and Android. It is capable of supporting 1280 x 720p HD video playback, running on a 800Mhz ARM processor. It also has Wi-Fi, microSD slot, mobile TV support and comes with 8/16/32GB of internal memory.

Viliv P3Viliv P3

We don't have a release date or price yet.

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Sony NW-A840

The NW-A840 is a thin Walkman at only 7.2mm, and available in 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb. It has a TV-out with 720x480 resolution, S-Master digital amplifier, FM radio and noise canceling. It does not have a touch screen or WiFi. Sony says that the battery life will be 29 hours for audio and 9 for video (at 384kbps MPEG-4).

Sony NWA840 PMP photoSony NWA840 PMP photo

The NW-A840 is available in Japan for 263$ to 439$, and the 16GB version is coming to the UK on April 13rd for £150 (for the 64Gb version).

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