Article last updated on: Jul 29, 2018

Samsung YP-M1

The YP-M1 is an A/V player, with a large AMOLED touchscreen, DivX support, accelerometer and DMB TV (Korea only). We do not have a lot of info on this player.

Samsung YP-M1Samsung YP-M1

Samsung's teaser page mentioned an Nvidia chipset, which might be the new Tegra chip (as used in the Zune HD, too).

Newsmy XO portable media player

The Newsmy XO is a the thinnest MP3 player (only 5mm). It also doubles as a mirror, with a special glossy finish.

Newsmy XONewsmy XO

It plays AVI files and has an FM tuner. It will retail for 44$ for the 2GB version in China.

Sandisk slotRadio player

A MP3 player that only plays from SanDisk slotMusic. The player includes a FM tuner and also comes with a card that has 1,000 "hits". The price will be 99.99$, and more 1,000-song cards will cost 39.99$ each.

The only good thing here is the OLED display...

Sandisk slotRadio player photoSandisk slotRadio player photo

Kookmin Bank &d card M40

A korean bank (Kookmin bank) credit card that can be inserted into a A/V player. This strange player comes in two flavors:

  • M30 - 2G/b storage, and an OLED display
  • M40 - 4G/b storage, AMOLED display from Samsung SDI, and DMB functionality.
Kookmin Bank &d card M40 PMPKookmin Bank &d card M40 PMP

TP Sambo CP-100 PMP

The TG Sambo CP-100 is a A/V player which supports T-DMB, DAB and MP3 playback. The device also includes a GPS.

It has 4GB of internal memory, and has a SD-memory slot.

TP Sambo CP-100 PMPTP Sambo CP-100 PMP

Teclast M30

A flash based (2/4Gb) A/V player, which supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE for audio and AVI and RMVB for Video.

It will be released in China for 70$/80$.

Teclast M30Teclast M30
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