OLED-Info is happy to launch The OLED Crowdfunding Arena, a new platform that connects investors with OLED companies seeking funds. Crowdfunding can work as an alternative to, or in tandem with, angel or venture/strategic financing, allowing businesses to obtain a diverse range of value-added capital.

Are you an OLED-related company looking to raise funds?

OLED-related companies are welcome to take advantage of the largest investor base in Europe - coupled with the world's largest OLED community. Attracting funds from within the OLED industry is a great opportunity - let strategic OLED investors become your best supporters!

Click here to download our brochure or - contact OLED-Info for more information on the next steps!

Are you an investor looking for OLED opportunities?

Equity Crowdfunding can be a great way to invest in early stage startups - starting at only $10. Our Crowdfunding Arena can help diversify your OLED investments - and has the potential to produce high returns compared to large cap equity investment.

Contact OLED-Info for more information. As a first step, you can join Seedrs as an investor, which will open up all OLED-related opportunities as soon as they become available.

OLED crowdfunding - investor outreach