The US National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) awarded OLEDWorks and Acuity Brands $150,000 towards a marine lighting research project.

This is a follow-on projector to the earlier Low-Voltage Shipboard Lighting Feasibility Study project. This new 12-month project will refine shipboard configuration, optimize size & weight to maximize the inherent advantages of the OLED technology.



What type of OLED lighting...

If marine OLED lighting is the goal, a better option may be to use Triplit rechargeable OLED lights,possibly inside of sealed bags.Heres why- per unit cost & rechargability /and if incased in plastic that would counter moisture incursions.

Harsh environments need good,cost effective lighting solutions.Good luck team OLEDWORKS on coming up with an effective product around the $50  per unit price point.(as the Triplit is)

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