Notion Systems and M.Braun announce a strategic partnership on OLED inkjet printing equipment

Notion Systems and M.Braun announced a strategic partnership in OLED processing equipment. The two companies will combine their best-in-class OLED production technology to improve the production process offers and enhance market access in Asia.

Notion system MBraun n.jet display system and setup

M.Braun is a developer of glove boxes, inert gas purification and automation solutions while Notion Systems is a leading developer of industrial inkjet-printing systems for functional materials, and both companies already enjoy the growing demand of OLED manufacturing in Asia.

Notion Systems' n.jet display series is used for both RGB and TFE printing and can be deployed both as a stand-alone system for R&D purposes and as a fully integrated production cluster, including automation and pre- and post-treatment. n.Jet systems can be used to print functional layers in various steps of display production as well as for various other display technologies.

Notion Systems say that its equipment offers unparalleled precision and in addition the platform complies with highest demands on process environment and process stability. Specifically developed features, like the no.mura printing technology solve long-standing challenges of the industry and enable an efficient, additive use of the valuable materials involved in manufacturing of next generation displays.

The n.jet display series integrates Notion System's inkjet printer system into a M.Braun laminar flow enclosure which does not only prevent any kind of particle contamination but also ensures nearly isothermal process conditions. In contrast to many other competitors the integrated Notion / M.Braun solution covers only the process area and saves tremendous costs in electricity and process gases.

Posted: Sep 25,2020 by Ron Mertens