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Poland-based TADF developer Noctiluca reports that the company continues to improve its emitter platform, and the company recently concluded testing a new family of emitters that have revealed great TADF properties, good to excellent QY and blue emission. Noctiluca released the raw data (available from company under the NDA) that details the performance of several new blue emitters. Here is a link to the summary of these results.

TADF emitter comparison - Noctiluca and commercial emitters

Noctiluca’s Team have a history of making custom high purity compounds to specific needs, and its TADF compound family has a high level of customization which will allow the company to tailor its materials for specific OLED stacks. In fact the company's next step is to work with industry leaders and OLED material developers to test its materials within commercial-grade OLED stack architectures to continue its development work and enhance the performance of its OLED emitters.

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic has caused delays, Noctiluca still hopes that it will be able to develop commercial-grade TADF emitters by 2022 or even by 2021. Noctiluca was spun-off from Synthex, an organic chemistry development platform company based in Toruń, Poland, in 2019 to commercialize the novel TADF compounds developed at Synthex for several years. In 2019 Noctiluca closed its pre-seed round and is aiming to raise its formal next round towards the end of 2020.

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