Nippon Seiki develops new low-power PMOLED technology

Nippon Seiki has developed new technology that enabled 75% reduction in power consumption for PMOLED displays. They have already commercialized this with a 0.8" green monochrome OLED panel that will be shipping in samples this month. The company also plans to develop panels of other colors including white. It's not clear whether this technology can also be used to make AMOLED panels more efficient.

new green PMOLED vs regular PMOLEDnew green PMOLED vs regular PMOLED

Nippon Seiki says taht the new panel is as efficient as a LED-backlit LCD, and has the same visibility as their previous PMOLED panels. The lower power consumption was realized by making improvements to the structure of an organic EL element, production processes and manufacturing management.

Posted: Mar 18,2010 by Ron Mertens