Apple-related rumors and reports never cease, only last week did we heard that Apple aims to use OLED displays in all of its 2019 iPhone models, and now it is reported that Apple is taking a conservative approach and readying itself to lower sales of its 2018 iPhones (that will be introduced in the fall).

The Nikkei Asian Review says that Apple approached suppliers and told them that component orders for the new iPhones will be lower by 20% compared to the iPhones launched in 2017. In 2017 Apple got ready to produce 100 million iPhone 8/8+/X before launching these phones, but now Apple expects to sell only 80 million units.

NAR says that Apple did approach its OLED suppliers (likely only Samsung Display, but maybe LG Display too) and asked to deliver the OLED displays earlier than last year to avoid the delays it seen in 2017. This is confirmed by DSCC that says that Samsung already started to produce panels for Apple's next-gen phones in May.

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