Scientists from the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi, India developed graphene based quantum dots (GQDs) blended with organic polymers. The new GQDs do not use any toxic metals such cadmium and lead used in today's quantum dots. The new devices actually perform better - less current loss and improved efficiency.

Graphene Quantum Dots photo (Gupta 2011)

The researchers say that these GQDs may be used in organic solar cells and OLED displays - and indeed they fabricated a prototype OLED display with "good performance". Their work could lead to light-weight, flexible and cheap panels - used in large-area roll-to-roll manufacturing. The efficiency of the fabricated device is still low, and the researchers are working towards increased efficiency.

This is not the first research we hear that uses Graphene for OLEDs. In February 2011 KAIST researhcers announced a new Graphene-based technology that can be used to create OLED displays. Graphene can also be used as transparent conductor for OLEDs.

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