Neoview Kolon shows new transparent OLED prototypes

NeoView Kolon is showing some new transparent OLED prototypes. They say that one of the promising uses of these displays is in the automotive industry (to embed those in the front windshield). They are mostly focusing on PM-OLED displays.

Neoview-Kolon transparent OLED (April 2010) photo

One of the displays on show is a 2.4" QVGA AMOLED panel. It supports 16M colors and has a maximum 62% transmittance. The brightness is 1000cd/m2.

Neoview-Kolon transparent OLED and info (April 2010) photo

It's exactly one year since we've seen their previous transparent OLED prototypes. It's great to hear they are still working on those displays.

Posted: Apr 16,2010 by Ron Mertens