More details on CMEL's 7.6" AMOLED, and also news about world's first DVD-GPS unit to use OLED (4.3")

CMEL released a product-specificationfor the 7.6" AMOLED (part number P0760WVLB).  There is some interesting information there -

  • Size 7.6"
  • Resolution 800x480
  • Pixel pitch 207x207 um
  • Active area size 165.60x99.36mm, Outline area 177.3x118.32mm
  • Thickness - maximum 5.3m

The weight is still not given. The product spec PDF is attached below.

In other news, CMEL, Grand View Technology and Maction Technologies announced the world's first OLED-using DVD GPS system for car navigation. The OLED is a 4.3" display.

Posted: Aug 25,2008 by Ron Mertens