Mattrix Technologies demonstrates a 4.7" VOLET AMOLED built on an LCD a:Si backplane

Organic-TFT backplane/emitter developer Mattrix Technologies has demonstrated a new AMOLED display prototype that is based on an amorphous-silicon (a:Si) backplane.

A VOLET AMOLED prototype on a a-Si backplane (Mattrix, 2021-08)

Mattrix believes that its proprietary vertical, organic light-emitting transistor (VOLET) pixel technology can dramatically reduce OLED production costs and improve display quality.

The prototype display is a 4.7-inch 85PPI full color display, which uses white OLED emitter layer with color filters. The backplane is an unmodified amorphous-Silicon LCD backplane from a third-party supplier. The proof-of-concept display was designed and built in collaboration with JSR Corporation, an investor in Mattrix Technologies.

Mattrix believes that an LCD fab could be converted to VOLET AMOLED production, which could reduce costs by up to 25% per square meter compared to building a new AMOLED fab. In addition to simplifying the manufacturing process, the VOLET design allows for more of the pixel real-estate to be dedicated to light-emission, meaning brighter displays, and longer lasting products.

Posted: Aug 13,2021 by Ron Mertens