Shipments of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays grew sequentially by 31 percent to 9.9 million units the first quarter of 2005, despite a significant drop in subdisplay sales, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.
Total OLED market revenue was $101.9 million, with South Korea-based Samsung SDI ($28.1 million) and Taiwan-based RITdisplay ($19.2 million) the leading suppliers.

RITdisplay captured 24.7 percent of shipments, with Samsung second at 23.2 percent.
DisplaySearch noted that small molecule OLED designs continue to drive volume, with monochrome polymer (P-OLED) and active-matrix OLED displays remaining in low volume.
Although OLED subdisplay usage fell, MP3 OLED display usage rose substantially in both revenue and unit sales, according to DisplaySearch.

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