LG's chairman wants to see faster OLED TV and plastic-based OLEDs rollout

There are reports that LG Group's chairman Koo Bon-moo requested LG Electronics for an early release of the 55" OLED TV. Originally LGE planned to release in the second half of 2012.

LG's 55" 55EM9600 is using a WOLED-CF design on an Oxide-TFT backplane. The panel is only 4mm thick, and the whole TV weighs just 7.5Kg. Analysts expect it to cost around $8,000.

Mr. Koo Bon-moo also asked LG Display to speed up plastic-based OLED development and commercialization. LG Display is reportedly building a pilot 3.5-Gen (730 × 460 mm) flexible OLED production line. They have ordered the equipment, which will arrive by 3Q 2012, and the line will become active by the end of 2012. It was assumed that it will take LG another 1-2 years to fully develop the technology, hopefully this will speed up. Plastic based OLEDs will be thinner, lighter and more durable ("shatterproof") compared to current glass based OLEDs.

Posted: Mar 08,2012 by Ron Mertens


... if that is a big concern for people putting this into their living room, then we should really be more worried about the average lifestyle of people, not the materials...

The plastic based "shatterproof" OLEDs are for mobile devices, not TVs...