LG's 31" OLED 3D TV to go on sale March 2011 for $9000?

There are reports that LG plans to release the 31" OLED 3D TV in March 2011. The TV will cost around $9000... not cheap. LG's 15" EL9500 costs around $3000 - so the new TV will be about 1.5 times more expensive per inch. Then again, it's thinner, and supports 3D TV (which uses polarized glasses, not active-shutter ones).

LG OLED TV prototype

Engadget's team loves the TV: "We promised ourselves it would just be a quick look ... three hours later we found ourselves still planted in the same spot, a small trickle of drool dripping all over our camera gear". They also say that the 3D images were "surprisingly sharp".

Posted: Sep 05,2010 by Ron Mertens