LGD's rigid and flexible OLED lighting deployed at Baskin Robbins' new cafe in Seoul

Baskin Robbins opened a new cafe in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, under the new premium brand Baskin Robbins Brown (a new brand that is exclusive so far to South Korea).

OLED lighting at Baskin Robbins Brown, Seoul

The new cafe installed a large amount of LG Display's rigid and flexible OLED lighting panels to create a grid on the ceiling. The designer SPC Group aimed to create a "striking focal point for the store" while ensuring that the lighting was well distributed over the shop's display areas. LG says that one of the advantages of OLED lighting is the very low heat emission - which is helpful when you offer frozen ice cream...

Posted: Oct 18,2017 by Ron Mertens


Living in the 21rd century we now learn from the 600th coffeeshop/bar/hotel lobby or museum in Seoul having OLED lighting installed.That is really striking news and we all need to know this.

And even more surprising: frozen ice cream melts from heat emission !

BOOOAAAAHHHH what striking news this is ! The force is strong in LG...

PS: Giving the fact that it needs experts to explain us the details / filter news from fake news and keep us up to date with relevant information i should consider altering my bookmarks and browsing behaviour...