LGD's OLED TV panels received Carbon Trust's Carbon Footprint Certification

LG Display announced that its 65-inch OLED TV panel received Carbon Trust's Carbon Footprint Certification. 

LG says that its OLED TV panel meets the global standard (PAS 2050) on GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions throughout the entire product life cycle. 


The Carbon Trust is a global climate consultancy driven by its mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonized future, and LG says that its Product Carbon Footprint Certification is one of the most internationally recognized environmental certifications.

LG further explains that the self-emissive nature of its OLED TVs means there's no backlighting unit, which allows the panel to significantly reduce the use of plastic materials by up to 90% compared to LCD panels and to improve recycling rate to 92.7% by raising the use of iron and metal materials. The company's OLED TV panel previously received Eco Product Certification from SGS, a Swiss-based global leader in inspection, for excelling in terms of environmental friendliness in four categories: Recycling, Hazardous Substances, Resource Efficiency and Energy Efficiency.

LG's Meta (MLA) technology further improved its OLED TV panel's energy efficiency this year by 22% compared to previous panels.

Posted: Mar 20,2023 by Ron Mertens