DisplaySearch revealed in its latest Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report that 2006 OLED shipments were 72.1M, up 29%, and revenues were $475M, down 3%, as the ASP dropped 24% Y/Y. OLED displays compete with LCDs in small/medium applications such as mobile phone main displays and sub-displays, MP3s, and automotive consoles. The top six suppliers had a market share of 92.4% as the industry continued to consolidate.

In Q4'06, OLED shipments were 22.2M and revenues hit $145.3M. OLED shipments decreased 2% Q/Q due to an 11% decrease in main displays and a 12% drop in MP3 players. PMOLEDs continue to dominate the market with a revenue share of over 93%. There are now 13 small molecule and 2 P-OLED producers with small molecule having a 99% revenue share.

In Q4'06, RiTdisplay regained the #1 position in both units and revenue with 5.4M displays and $26.5M in revenue. Pioneer was #5 in shipments and #2 in revenue, while Samsung SDI was #2 in shipments and #3 in revenue for the quarter. LGE was #3 in shipments and #4 in revenue, and Univision was #4 in units and #5 in revenue,

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