LG Electronics published the following teaser - calling our attention to its upcoming 2017 OLED TV range:

This is a clear reference to LG's Wallpaper OLED TVs. These TVs will be extremely thin, and the panel itself sticks to the wall using magnets. In May 2015 LG Display demonstrated a prototype - 0.97 mm thick 55" OLED panel that sticks to the wall using magnets. The entire 55" OLED panel weighs only 1.9 Kg.

This new model (which will be called the OLEDW7 series) will come in either 65" or 77" and will probably be LG's top of the line model for 2017. Maybe I should have waited with my OLED TV purchase!

In addition to LG's OLEDW7, the company will also unveil new models of its existing four OLED TV series, the OLEDB7, OLEDC7, OLEDE7 and OLEDG7 signature TV.



Overall OLED progress and OLED monitors

It’s exciting to see the overall OLED-display progress. Though I’m still much more interested in OLED monitors, and specifically in what new monitors are going to be presented at CES 2017. Maybe Dell UP3017Q or its non-vapourware (and probably more affordable) successor will finally hit the market in 2017? — We’ll probably know in a few days.

Wallpaper OLED
Yes we posted on this now as

Yes we posted on this now as well, but this is a commercial signage version.

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