LG Signature OLED T

LG's Signature OLED T is a 77" 4K wireless transparent OLED TV. It can change from a transparent mode to a black-background mode (via a raised black contrast film) in which it operates just like a normal OLED TV. The OLED T is powered by LG's Alpha 11 AI processor, and uses LG's Zero Connect box which makes it almost completely wireless (except the power). 

LG will offer the OLED TV in a modular design - it comes in stand-alone, against-the-wall or wall-mount options, and customers can further customize by adding standing or floating shelves on either or both sides of the screen to best suit their unique tastes and preferences.


LG did not yet reveal the price or shipping date of the OLED T transparent TV.

OLED type:   Transparent 77" 4K WOLED
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Posted:   Jan 11,2024 by Ron Mertens