Is LG selling OLED equipment to Shanghai Tianma?

A report from SinoCast claims that LG has decided to sell OLED production equipment to Tianma. The deal was signed in May 2016 and deliveries of the equipment have now commenced.

TianMa 6-Gen AMOLED fab, Wuhan, architectural renderTianMa 6-Gen AMOLED fab, Wuhan

This is a rather strange report. First of all, the company mentioned was LG Electronics, which do not produce OLED displays - LG Display (the report does say that "LGD uses the same equipment").

In addition, it is highly unlikely that LGE or LGD will be willing to help its Chinese rivals catch up on OLED production. Both LG and Samsung are very wary of competition from China and the Korean government itself considers OLED technology and production to be strategic to the country's economy.

Posted: Mar 25,2017 by Ron Mertens