LG Display released an interesting press release today in which they re-affirm their commitment to OLED as the future display technology: "What is crystal clear, is that LG Display, from the beginning, has made a commitment to fulfilling the potential of OLED and stayed true to it".

LG says that "certain industry players" (i.e. Samsung. They won't say it per se, but they did link to Samsung related news) are sending different messages and causing confusion: they continue to tout OLED and release new products but they also "downplay their once strong commitment".

In the PR, LGD explains why they are currently leading the OLED TV market (as evident by the fact that they were the first company to release a flat OLED TV and a curved one earlier this year). The go back to the Kodak IP acquisition back in 2009 - which made it possible to integrate the WRGB architecture into their OLED TV panels.

I think the Korean companies are better off working on the technology and marketing rather than bickering at each other (especially as there's no real evidence that Samsung are actually downplaying their OLED commitment), but still it's great to hear yet another public commitment towards OLED from LGD.



Just something to say

LG missed its target release date of June 2013 for the 55" OLED TV in the US so they came out with this statement trying to save face instead of admitting failure.  I wish they would just start taking orders instead of blowing smoke.  Samsung has been off and on again for years regarding OLED TVs.  They cannot make enough OLEDs for their phones let alone make any into large TVs.  I don't suspect we will see a Samsung TV in the US for 5 more years the way they are going.  LG will rule the US market if they can ever get their production capacity high enough.

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