LG to postpone OLED TV shipments in the US for the second half of 2013

The Consumer Electronics Daily reports that LG Electronics decided to postpone its 55EM9700 OLED TV launch in the US for the second half of 2013. LG originally intended to start offering it in March for $12,000. It seems that the company cannot make enough panels to supply for the US market.

LG is currently shipping OLED TVs in Korea, and has also launched it in the UK (shipments will begin in July). Now it seems that the US will have to wait a bit for the first OLED TV...



LG's 55" 55EM9700 is a Full-HD panel that features 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio and fast response time (1,000 times faster than LCD according to LG). The panel is only 4mm thick and weighs only 3.5Kg. The OLED panel is based on LG Display's Oxide-TFT white-OLED with color filters (WRGB) OLED panel.

Posted: Apr 07,2013 by Ron Mertens