LG orders two 6-Gen flexible OLED deposition systems from Canon Tokki

Japan-based Canon Tokki is considered the world's leader in vacuum evaporation equipment, and the company has a large backlog - reportedly it had to decline orders from several OLED makers as all of its capacity was taken up mostly by Samsung Display and BOE.

LG 6'' flexible OLED edge phone prototype photo

The Korea Herald reports that LG Display has now managed to order two 6-Gen deposition systems from Canon Tokki. The price of each system is around $115 million, and it can support up to 15,000 monthly substrates. The first machine will be delivered in December 2017 and the second in February 2018.

Canon Tokki has a production capacity that enables it to build 9 such machines each year, following Tokki's capacity expansion announced in 2016. LGD has reportedly teamed up with Sunic Systems to develop a similar machine but has yet managed to overcome all challenges and the company still has to rely on Canon Tokki's machines.

Posted: Jun 23,2017 by Ron Mertens