Canon may start producing OLED materials

Canon announced that the company is looking into entering the OLED materials market. The company says its Fukui Canon Materials subsidiary will take the lead on this project, together with Canon's own R&D team.

Canon did not disclose what kind of OLED materials will be produced, but Canon has some TADF patents and it could look into TADF emitters.

Canon has two subsidiaries active with OLED equipment. Canon Tokki produces vacuum process equipment and is considered to be the world's leader in OLED deposition equipment. Canon Anelva manufactures vacuum equipment including Physical vapor deposition (PVD) machines for OLED production.

Posted: Mar 17,2020 by Ron Mertens


Canon used to be very active on OLED materials research and developed quite a few interesting materials, but have stopped for quite some time. It might start to sell some of those materials from their old patents as OLED materials business enters “fist-fight" mode next year. 

It is very unlikely they will be interested in selling so-called TADF materials, which nobody will buy so far.