LG: OLED displays in two months, OLED TVs by the end of the year, will cost twice as much as LCDs

LG Displays says that they will launch OLED products in two months. This might be the 15" OLED monitors/laptop-displays

LG also plans to release OLED TVs by the end of 2009. Interestingly they say that an OLED TV will cost 2.1 times the cost of an LCD TV (while LED-based LCDs costs 1.6 the times of normal LCDs). Maybe LG has already decided on the price of those new televisions?

LG 15 OLED at CES 2009

There were rumors before of 32" OLEDs by 2010. So are they planning to release these TVs sooner? Will LG release the first large-size commercial OLED TV?

Posted: Apr 20,2009 by Ron Mertens