LG Electronics officially unveiled its 2017 OLED TV lineup, with no real surprises. At the top of the line, LG launched its OLEDW7 Wallpaper Signature OLED TV with a thin (2.57 mm) panel that attaches magnetically to the wall. The W7 comes in either 65" or 77".

LG OLEDW7 Wallpaper OLED TV photo

In addition to the wallpaper TV, LGE also launched new models of its existing four OLED TV series, the OLEDB7, OLEDC7, OLEDE7 and OLEDG7 signature TV. All of these new TVs feature updated HDR support (for four different standards), WebOS 3.5 and Dolby Atmos sound. Interestingly, the C7 is no longer curved - so LG actually will have no curved OLED TV to offer in 2017.

LG 2017 OLED TV lineup photo



Panel thickness

So far I see all websites communicate 2.57mm thickness. The reference to 0.97 is the FHD wall paper OLED shown in the secret room(IFA) of LG back in 2015. 

Arjan - you are right. I

Arjan - you are right. I assumed the thickness and did not check it, my mistake. I updated the post, it is indeed 2.57 mm thick. Thank you!

No 3D

Also important to now: There is no 3D anymore ! So I bought a 2016 model yesterday :-)

3D Petition

A petition to ask LG to revive 3D on a 2018 model somehow is here with almost 600 signatures as of writing this - https://www.change.org/p/lg-please-revive-3d-on-a-2018-oled-tv-model

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