Only three weeks after LG slashed the price of their curved 55" OLED TV to $6,999 (it was briefly selling for $6,499 too), Amazon now lists the 55EA9800 for $5,999. Amazon will also throw in a $500 promotional credit if you buy the OLED TV now. There hasn't been any official word from LG or Amazon on this price drop, so it may be temporary.

In August 2013 LG launched their 55" FHD curved OLED TVs in the US $14,999. The price keeps falling quickly, and the new price represents a 60% price drop in about 8 months. When LG's upcoming M2 Gen-8 OLED TV fab starts making panels in a few months, the prices will probably be reduced even further.

During CES 2014, LG unveiled new OLED TVs, including 55" 4K ones. It's possible that the company is now clearing their Full-HD OLED inventory and will soon start offering only 4K OLEDs. In any case, it's clear that LG is currently taking the lead with OLED TVs. Samsung's own curved FHD 55" OLED TV still costs $8,999.



oled tv

i live in suburbs of chicago. i still have never seen one in person yet

Price reduction

The $5999 + $500 promo credit didn't last long...I hope an even bigger dip is coming.


They did have them at ABT and Best Buy but last time I was there they did not have them.  I did not ask so I do not know for sure.

Why only curved?

I don't get it. Why would they only sell curved displays at such a relatively low price? Did the non-curved sell well enough at >10.000$ that they figured they'd try out what it would take to get rid of the curved ones?

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