Update: Today Amazon updated the price again, now LG's OLED TV is down to $6,499!

In August 2013 LG launched their 55" FHD curved OLED TVs in the US $14,999. The price kept falling quickly and a couple of months ago LG started offering the 55EA9800 for $8,499. I just found out that without any official word from LG, Amazon are currently offering the TV for only $6,999!. Yes, that's more than a 50% discount from the price only six months ago!

I hope that LG will keep this new low price down. Hopefully when LG's upcoming M2 Gen-8 OLED TV fab starts making panels in a few months, the prices will be reduced even further.

During CES 2014, LG unveiled new OLED TVs, including 55" 4K ones. It's possible that the company is now clearing their Full-HD OLED inventory and will soon start offering only 4K OLEDs. In any case, it's clear that LG is currently taking the lead with OLED TVs. Samsung's own curved FHD 55" OLED TV still costs $8,999.



Amazon link issue

Apart from it's unreasonably too long (`oledinfo-20` partner tag [if that's why my previous comment has been deleted] could be added same way to short URL: www.amazon.com/dp/B00E5U3YEK/?tag=oledinfo-20 ), the link is incorrect anyway: ampersand is escaped twice (instead of once -- just to be represented correctly in HTML code), so it appears as HTML entity (&) in resulting (shown in browser's location bar) URL instead of ampersand character (as valid query-string parameter separator) itself (&) -- so garbage after `?` is even more unneeded garbage than it's supposed to be. ;-)

Now it's 6499! what a

Now it's 6499! what a dropping rate =)

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