LG hosted an OLED TV event in Israel together with the Israeli HomeTheater.co.il site. During the event, LG's Israeli executive said that the company aims to increase the OLED market share in the 55" TV category to 17% in 2016 (in terms of revenues, not shipments). The market share in 2015 was only 1.4%.

LG Israel OLED TV market share forecast 2016

This is a very ambitious target indeed, but LG says that they already see more and more people buying OLED TVs in Israel, OLED TVs are displayed in retail stores all over in Israel and people are asking about OLEDs and are starting to become familiar with the new technology. The 55" FHD OLED TVs are no longer considered "hi-end" by LG's Israeli marketing team, which is an interesting comment. You can see the full video below (in Hebrew):