LG Electronics may launch a transparent OLED TV in 2024

LG Display is producing 55" transparent OLED panels for some years, mostly targeting signage (commercial) applications. According to a report from Korea, LGD is in talks with LGE regarding the launch of a consumer transparent OLED TV.

Xiaomi's Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition

The reports suggests that LGE does not see a large demand for such a TV, especially in the current market conditions, and if this will happen, it will only happen in 2024. LGE in addition would have to develop new technologies, including using reinforced glass to cover the whole panel.

In 2020 Xiaomi launch the world's first (and only) mass-produced transparent TV for the consumer market, the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition that featured a 55" 120Hz panel.The Mi TV Lux started shipping on August 16 2020 in China for 49,999 yuan (around $7,200). Xiaomi, apparently, did not manage to sell many of these displays, as it is difficult to find a real need for transparent TVs at home.

Posted: Dec 29,2022 by Ron Mertens