LG Display suggests new applications for its transparent OLED displays

LG Display is holding its Open Innovation Forum (OIF) in Las Vegas, and the company is showing new potential applications for its 55" transparent OLED displays. LGD has teamed up with its customers and design houses to introduce these new use cases.

LG Display E-Crystal Transparent OLED for conference rooms

Above you can see the E-Crystal, which is a proposed solution for conference rooms, created with Korean interior company EXA E&C. The E-Crystal embeds a transparent OLED into the conference room glass wall. LGD also shows the Transparent Wall Skin, produced with DAIER, that adds OLED displays into a glass wall which can be easily installed in offices, hotels, and hospitals.

The Maars M923, designed by LGD and design-firm Gensler, is a next-generation Transparent OLED partition. Designed for office use, the M923. is a customizable and moveable wall that consists of interchangeable snap-in-place panels. By applying Transparent OLED technology, the M923. offers a "unique balance of openness and privacy".

Another T-OLED on display is the Transparent Gallery that implements high-sensitivity touch functions, and can be used as an Internet of Things (IoT) wallpad or for media contents in combination with office space, commercial facilities, and furniture.

At the OIF, LGD also shows its latest Objet OLED TV art lineup. LGD also exhibits transparent OLED solutions for mobility and shopping malls, as well as its flexible Media Chair and Virtual Ride concept products.

Finally, LGD has launched a challenge program, in search of new business opportunities for startups in the US. Under the theme of ‘discovering new concepts related to OLED and Transparent OLED,’ the program aims to support excellent companies by jointly developing products and participating in overseas exhibitions through a final evaluation in November.

Posted: Jun 09,2022 by Ron Mertens