LEDON OLED Lighting unveiled their first OLED Lighting products back in April 2009, and now we hear that the Luceos modules (which are based on OSRAM's ORBEOS panels) will start shipping next month (as engineering samples). Volume delivery is planned for the beginning of 2011 (LEDON obviously depends on OSRAM's production capacity).

LEDON says that the Luceos modules now include the driving electronics and the whole package is thinner than 4mm. They offer two dimming options: a pulse-width modulation and a complete DMX512 dimming, which should allow for a large-wall of elements setup that can easily address the brightness of each module.

LEDON has another product family called Lureon. These are rectangular OLED modules, fabricated in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IPMS, with element dimensions of 100x100 and 100x50 mm². They are still not ready to provide samples of these panels.

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