LEDON shows the world's brightest OLED module (1001 lumens) made from LG Chem panels

LEDON OLED lighting is showing a new OLED module that is the brightest ever at 1001 lumens. The new lamp (which is aimed towards professional lighting applications) uses 9 LG Chem OLED panels and LEDON's own outcoupling and electrical contact system. The color temperature is 4077K and the efficacy is over 30 lm/W. The total lamp size is 300x300² with a thickness of 5 mm. The average luminous flux area density is over 11,000 lumen/m².

We talked to LEDON and they say that they expect LG Chem to start producing their OLED lighting panels in 2012. Acuity Brands who are also using LG Chem's OLED panels say that they expect to start shipping lamps in Q1 2012. LG Chem announced their OLED lighting product plans back in 2009. Back then, LG Chem planned to use green and red PHOLED materials made by Universal Display, and SFC's deep-blue fluorescent OLED.

LEDON is also showing a new professional pendant luminaire concept, which was designed by Continuum Milan and delivers in total more than 1100 lumen luminous flux:

LEDON also gave some updates on the LUREON lighting modules. These are rectangular OLED modules, fabricated in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IPMS that can be delivered in different formats (up to 300x300 mm²) and in two color temperatures (4200 and 2700 K). LEDON says that they can now deliver engineering samples, with real production starting in August 2011.

Posted: Jun 19,2011 by Ron Mertens