A few weeks ago Universal Display changed their ticker symbol from PANL to OLED. This may be good for UDC's business, but it made a mess with the popular Yahoo's investor forums (which still does not point to the correct forum from UDC's quote page). So OLED-Info comes to the rescue (sort of) - and today I launched new investor forums right here on OLED-Info.

Currently there are two forums - for Universal Display investors and for eMagin as well. If these forums are successful, maybe I'll add more forums (not just investment related ones).

To access the forums, simply use this link. Anyone can read the posts and replies If you want to post and comment, you'll have to register as an OLED-Info user which you can do here. This will enable me to combat spam posts with less work.

Happy conversing and good luck with your investments...

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