Korean analysts say that the Galaxy Note 4 will not be enough to boost Samsung's mobile unit sales, and they do not expect the new phone model to outsell the Galaxy Note 3. Hyundai securities expect Samsung to sell 1.5 million GN4 in Q3, and 9.5 million in Q4 - similar to the Note 3 sales following its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The analysts say that while the Galaxy Note 4 has some improvements over the Note 3, such as a better display (5.7" 2560 x 1440 Super AMOLED), better S pen sensitivity and a metal frame, it is not enough to excite consumers.

The Note 4 Edge is unique, but Samsung's flexible OLED capacity will not be enough to really mass produce this phone. Hyundai expects Samsung to ship only 1 million Edge phones in 2014.

Samsung also announced the Gear VR headset that uses a Note 4 as the display. This unique device reflects samsung attempts to find new business opportunities. It may also be seen by Samsung as a way to increase Note 4 sales and upgrades from older models.

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