Konica Minolta's 15,000 flexible OLED panel tulip installation video

A few weeks ago we reported that Konica Minolta shipped 15,000 flexible OLED lighting panels to a Japanese Tulip festival. The panels are embedded in tulip flowers. Today we got this video showing the installation in action, and we also learned that in total there are 5,000 tulips - as each one has 3 petals with OLED panels (so 3 OLEDs per Tulip).

These are the first OLED panels that were produced at Konica' new $100 million R2R flexible OLED lighting fab. This breakthough fab, will have a monthly capacity of a million panels at full capacity, and it produces both white and color-tunable flexible panels. The white panel is 150x60 mm in size (0.35 mm thick) and weights 5 grams. The color-tunable is smaller (50x30 mm, 0.29 mm thick, 0.6 grams). Both panels are flexible with a curvature radius of 10 mm.

Posted: Feb 25,2015 by Ron Mertens