Konica Minolta to show color-tunable thin flexible OLED lighting panels

Konica Minolta announced that they will show flexible OLED "demonstration models" at the Light + Building 2014 Frankfurt trade show next month. KM says that not only are these the thinnest OLEDs ever on display, but the panels will also be color tunable, making them the first color-tunable flexible OLEDs in the world.

In the image above, you can see the three models Konica Minolta will have on display. From left to right: the Irodori (with color-tunable OLEDs) which rotates slowly, the Ibuki - a couple of those world's thinnest 70-micron OLED panels that seem to float in the air, and finally the Habtaki 2.0, which gives an impression of a bird fledgling leaving the nest.

Konica Minolta also announced that in March 2014 they will introduce a new reference flexible OLED lighting model that is being designed by Ingo Maurer. Ingo Maurer designed the world's first OLED lamp, called Early Future. This lamp, released in 2008 used OSRAM OLED panels, and only 25 were made (the price back then was €25,000). Ingo later designed a few lamps for Novaled that use transparent OLED panels.

Konica Minolta unveiled their first flexible OLED lighting panels in March 2013. They didn't reveal any technical details, and they are still not willing to disclose anything about those panels, except for the size (150x60 mm). And now we also know the thickness (70 micros). Hopefully we'll learn more from KM during the actual L+B event.

Source: Konica Minolta

Posted: Feb 13,2014 by Ron Mertens