Update: We have found photos of the new lamps, see below

Last week we reported that Ingo Maurer will soon show two new OLED designs using transparent panels from Novaled, and today we have some more information and photos of the lamps. The lamps will use OLEDs made on glass substrates that are transparent when in the off state.

The first lamp is called Flying Future, which uses 90 "Wing" OLEDs with an active area of 30 cm². The second lamp is "4 x 4 is 34" which includes four "Quadro" (100 cm²) light elements that the user can play with. Here are photos of the lamps, thanks to the anonymous commenter:

Flying FutureFlying Future

4 x 4 is 344 x 4 is 34



Images are available

Images are available at Novaled

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