The Kodak 7.6" OLED photo frame price keeps falling, now at 776$ (and we got a 9$ discount for you!)

Update: The picture frame costed 795$ over at, but they are now out of stock.

The price of the Kodak 7.6" OLED photo frame keeps falling... it started out at 999$ (back in December 2008), then at January it was 856$, and then you could get it for 776$ at TheNerds. They even offered 9$ by using the FEB09 coupon (till end of February, just follow the previous link and claim your coupon). The price is lower now at as well - 795$.

Kodak wireless OLED picture frame


Why is the price falling so faster? It might be that Kodak is finding it very difficult to actually sell those frames at such a high price. Or perhaps CMEL are pricing the 7.6" OLED panels lower now.


Posted: Feb 26,2009 by Ron Mertens