Update: The picture frame costed 795$ over at Amazon.com, but they are now out of stock.

The price of the Kodak 7.6" OLED photo frame keeps falling... it started out at 999$ (back in December 2008), then at January it was 856$, and then you could get it for 776$ at TheNerds. They even offered 9$ by using the FEB09 coupon (till end of February, just follow the previous link and claim your coupon). The price is lower now at Amazon.com as well - 795$.

Kodak wireless OLED picture frameKodak wireless OLED picture frame

Why is the price falling so faster? It might be that Kodak is finding it very difficult to actually sell those frames at such a high price. Or perhaps CMEL are pricing the 7.6" OLED panels lower now.




are you insane!
what the hell is this price!
its not made of gold right?

its worth it

for your info,the OLED costs so much,because its ALMOST LOOKS LIKE THE REAL THING!!!!!!!
plus you can put 1000s of photos WITHOUT having to physically change it.

isnt that worth 800 dollars for a 7 inch square?

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