Kaneka: our OLED Lighting panels are "ready to be shipped"

Japan's Kaneka say that their OLED Lighting panels are ready to be shipped. If someone places an order, they can be mass produced. Kaneka has been working on OLED Lighting since April 2008, and originally planned to have a 3-year research project. They now say they decided to commercialize the technology even before the research project is finished.

Kaneka offers three OLED panels. The first is a daylight color panel (6000K) with a maximum brightness of 5,000cd/m2 and a lifetime of 15,000 hours (when the initial brightness is 1,000cd/m2). The second panel has a warm-white (3000K), 5,000cd/m2 maximum brightness and a lifetime of 10,000 hours. The third panel is red with 2,000cd/m2 max brightness and lifetime of 5,000 hours.

We do not know the efficiency of these panels. But they are very bright compared to OSRAM's ORBEOS and Philips' Lumiblade which both has 1,000cd/m2 mx brightness.

Posted: Apr 15,2010 by Ron Mertens