An interesting Microsoft research project looks at under-the-OLED cameras

OLED producers are looking at under-the-OLED cameras - this is a great technology that could enable complete bezel-less smartphone displays without any pop-up selfie cameras. Samsung, in 2018, announced it is working on several behind-the-OLED sensors, including a camera. But China's Visionox is the first company that actually launched such a technology commercially.

Microsoft research - behind the OLED cameras photo

Microsoft recently published an interesting research project (led by Sehoon Lim) that discusses the potential use cases of under-the-OLED camera and its advantages, and also the challenges - with AI technologies that could assist in solving these issues.

The researchers say that one interesting application of such technology, beyond smartphones, is to place a camera inside a display for video teleconferences (a hot topic these days). This could lead to more natural videos and a better experience.

The technology, however could result in image distortions - and the researchers discuss ways to improve image quality using AI - saying that as the distortion are created due to the way the light passes through the transparent OLED, it is actually possible to create very good correction AI algorithms.

Posted: Jul 25,2020 by Ron Mertens