INT Tech unveils its ultra-high density OLED display technology

Taiwan-based INT Tech unveiled its proprietary glass-based high pixel density OLED technology, that enables the production of over 2,200 PPI displays on glass. Such high resolution displays can find applications in the visually demanding devices in the medical market, the defense market and also for VR headsets.

INT Tech 2.17-inch 2228 PPI OLED display prototype
INT Tech demonstrated a 2.17 2,228 PPI prototype (see image above). This technology can compete with OLED microdisplays (Silicon based) for high-end VR solutions for 2 merits: they can be larger than silicon-based OLED microdisplays to achieve higher FOV, and they are at a much lower cost.

The IP that enables such high resolution includes backplane architecture in addition to OLED patterning techniques. INT Tech is now planning to upgrade its lab to a "micro Fab" which will enable it to sample panels for customers. The company is also planning to start constructing a mass production fab for its displays with partners in the near future.

INT also unveiled its Smart Pixel IC (SPIC) technology, which enables the embedding of sensors on the display backplane. SPIC enables the integration of fingerprint, eye tracking, ambient light, proximity and other sensors, directly into the backplane which can enable large sensing area and lower cost. Of course display-integrated sensors also means lower display bezel in smartphones and other devices.
Posted: Jan 02,2019 by Ron Mertens