The Fraunhofer IPMS Institute developed an OLED microdisplay that emits light in the NIR light spectrum. They say that this has several applications such as higher penetration depths in human tissues in the photoplethysmography, in the photodynamic therapy or for invisible light barriers.

In the photo above you can see a bi-directional OLED microdisplay (a 0.6" QVGA, 320x240 one) that emits light in the NIR spectrum on the bottom right (and the visible spectrum in the rest of the panel). On the left it is photographed with a normal camera that has a NIR filter (so it does not record NIR light). On the right you see the same display photographed with a camera that has no NIR filter.



Which Fraunhofer?

Is this being done at Fraunhofer IPMS/COMEDD or another? I seem to be missing which institute is responsible. Thanks.

Yeah, this is being done at

Yeah, this is being done at the IPMS (COMEDD)...

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