The Fraunhofer FEP developed a way to micro-pattern OLED lighting panels using electron beam

The Fraunhofer FEP developed a new way to micro-pattern (structure) OLED lighting panels using electron beam. The idea is that you create a regular non-patterned OLED and after the encapsulation you use an electron beam that penetrates the encapsulation and changes the luminous characteristics of the organic layers beneath.

Fraunhofer electron beam micro-patterning photo

Depending on the application, it is even possible to modify individual layers directly. In their demonstration, the researchers showed it is possible to create gray scales in an image.The longer the dwell time on one spot with the beam, the darker the OLED will appear there.

The researchers demonstrate a white OLED in which the image of the famous Dresden Semperoper was structured with the electron beam in a hundred seconds. The resolution of the image was an impressive 12,700 PPI. The researchers now aim to develop a way to pattern full-color OLEDs.

Fraunhofer electron beam micro-patterning (Dresden Semperoper)

Taiwan's ITRI has also been developing a patterning technology for OLED lighting panels, which they call Image Lighting.

Posted: Apr 26,2016 by Ron Mertens