The Fraunhofer FEP announced that it has developed a new OLED Microdisplay specifically for industrial Augmented Reality (AR) data glasses.

Fraunhofer FEP 0.64'' 720p OLED Microdisplay photo

The new microdisplay features a 720p (1280x720) resolution with a diagonal size of 0.64-inch (subpixel size is 5.5 micron). The power consumption is 160 milliwatt at 120 fps. The Fraunhofer says that the new display features simple driving electronics for an easy integration into portable systems and is already available as evaluation kit.

In 2017 the Fraunhofer FEP presented a large curved OLED Microdisplay targeting the VR market - a 1" 1200x1920 curved display, developed as part of the LOMID project.

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