Fraunhofer COMEDD to merge with Fraunhofer FEP

In 2009, Fraunhofer's COMEDD (Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices) was established as a department of the Fraunhofer IPMS. Two years ago in July 2012 COMEDD was turned into an independent Fraunhofer Institute. Today we hear that COMEDD is merging with the Fraunhofer's FEP (Electron Beam, Plasma Technology) to become COMEDD FEP.

The director of the new institute, Prof. Volker Kirchhoff, is looking forward for "significant advances", especially in the area of barrier films for flexible organic components and OLED-based microdisplays. Fraunhofer FEP expertise was in processes and equipment in electron beam and plasma technology, whereas COMEDD was focused on organic semiconductors and device development.

COMEDD's current activities cover three main application areas: OLED lighting and signage, OPVs and OLED-on-CMOS applications (OLED microdisplays). COMEDD is also producing OLED lighting samples (including transparent panels) and sells them under the TABOLA brand. In July 2013 we published a spotlight article on COMEDD detailing their recent technologies and products.

Posted: Jul 05,2014 by Ron Mertens